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If you sent a print job from a UNBSJ lab computer and your document didn't print, check these solutions.


Printing from the Commons

When you print from one of the iMacs in the Commons, there is one further step you must take in order to submit your print job. Once you click "print", a dialogue box will appear on your screen.

You must DELETE your name and type in your UNB LOGIN ID instead. Then enter your password and click OK.

Printing in Colour

Colour printing is available in the HWK Commons.

To print in colour from one of the iMacs in the Commons, make sure you change the printer to either "1-Sided Colour" or "2-Sided Colour" before clicking print.


Please note that colour prints cost $0.50 a page.

Print Credits

It costs $0.10 per page to print in black and white and $0.50/page to print in colour (colour available only in the HWK Commons). If you do not have enough print credit to print your entire document, the printer will not accept the job at all.

Check your print credits

You can check your print credit balance by logging into your Portal and selecting uCard Online.

Ucard1.png Ucard2.png Any balance in the Print Refunds/Dept. Charges box or UCard Cash can be used for printing:

  • Print Refunds/Dept. Charges: Print credits that have been refunded or rolled over from the old printing system (pre-2013/2014).
  • UCard Cash: Print credits purchased in the new printing system.

Purchase Print Credits

If your print credit balance is $0, you will need to purchase more in order to print.

Click here for instructions on purchasing credit.

Paper Size

Documents formatted as A4 will not print.

Please make sure your paper size is set to US Letter. Do this by going to File > Page Setup within your document and choosing US Letter in the Paper Size dropdown menu.


Printer Location

Make sure you have selected the correct printer. Each printer has the same name as the lab it resides within.

Printers in the HWK Commons are named for their floor:

Main-Floor-Copier: Located on the ground floor (main level) - Ricoh copier.
Main-Floor-Default: Located on the ground floor (main level) - default printer.
Main-Floor-COLOUR: Located on the ground floor (main level) - colour printer.
Top-Floor-Copier Located on the second floor (near the study carrels) - Ricoh copier.

Out of Paper/Toner

If the printer display is flashing a warning for low toner or paper, please call the Student Technology Centre at 657-4357.

Slow Printing

Some PDF documents will take a very long time to print - this is especially true in the HWK Commons on the iMac computers. If you are about to print a PDF on campus, please take a second to double-check this setting before sending the job, it could save you time and print credits!

  • Open your PDF document and go to File and then Print...


  • In the print preferences, format the document how you like and then click on the Advanced button.


  • Ignore all other advanced options but make sure Print As Image is selected. This will allow the printer to treat the document like a simple image and process it much faster!


  • Click OK.
  • Click Print back on the preferences popup.
  • Enter your UNB login ID and password when prompted.