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Check Print Credit Balance

You can check your print credit balance by logging into your Portal and selecting uCard Online.

Ucard1.png Ucard2.png Any balance in the Print Refunds/Dept. Charges box or UCard Cash can be used for printing:

  • Print Refunds/Dept. Charges: Print credits that have been refunded or rolled over from the old printing system (pre-2013/2014).
  • UCard Cash: Print credits purchased in the new printing system.

Purchase Print Credits

If your balance is 0 or under the minimum required to print your document, you must purchase more credit.

Credit Card

You can do this from the balance screen by clicking + Add Money if you are paying by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). The minimum purchase amount is $10. If you are having difficulty completing the transaction, please call the uCard office at 506-453-5148.


If you are paying with cash, you must do this at the HWK Commons. The PHIL Station is located in the back of the Commons in the Research Help Centre. You will need your money ($5 minimum, bills only - no change can be made) and your student ID. Ask at the Information Desk for instructions if you are unfamiliar with the PHIL Station.


Black and white $0.10 per page
Colour (HWK Commons only) $0.50 per page
Double-sided black and white $0.15 per page
Photocopies (HWK Commons only) $0.10 per page
Scan-to-email no cost

Note that photocopies actually cost slightly less than $0.10/page and so the balance on your uCard may be an odd number.


Print credit refunds can only be refunded in cases of printer hardware failure (i.e. poor print quality). Accidental copies or account insecurity cannot be refunded.

To request a refund, please bring your Student ID and the printed pages for which you would like to be refunded to the Information Desk in the HWK Commons.

Be sure that you have actually been charged before requesting a refund:

  • Look under Account Transactions in your uCard Online.
  • Select the account you used to print (if Print Refunds/Dept. Charges is $0, this would be UCard Cash).
  • Select the date that the print job was submitted.
  • Verify that the print job was processed on your account.


All requests are submitted to the uCard office on the Fredericton campus. Print credit refunds are not guaranteed - investigation into the issue must take place before a decision is made.