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Students can download full versions of the Microsoft Office suite to their personal computers through their UNB email. This download is available for both Mac OS X and Windows (Office 2011 is available for Mac, Office 2013 is available for Windows).

You are still able to use your online web apps (through OneDrive) but this is a download that you will able to use offline as well.


What is Included?

The following programs are included in the Office Suite:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Access
  • Lync
  • InfoPath

Who is Eligible?

This free download is available to all UNB students (full time, part time, undergraduate and graduate).

If your primary affiliation is faculty/staff, your account is not eligible for this free download.

What About When I Graduate/Leave?

Once your UNB student account is no longer active (i.e. following your one year grace period after graduating or leaving UNB, or if your primary affiliation at UNB changes to faculty/staff) you will no longer have access to the full version of Office. At that time, you will be switched to a ‘view-only’ version that does not allow you to edit files. You will need to purchase MS Office at that time if you wish to continue to have full access.

Download Instructions

  • Log in to your [UNB Portal].
  • From the Launch Menu, click Skype/Free Office for Home

Office download.png

  • On the new page, select your language and then click Install. Save the file to your computer.
  • If your operating system is 64-bit, click advanced to switch versions.


NOTE: If your computer is running an older version of Windows/Mac OS X, check the minimum system requirements on this page to make sure Office will run on your machine.

Installation Instructions


  • Run (double-click) the install file from the previous steps.
  • Office will begin to download resources and install. This will take several minutes and you will require a network connection.


  • After installation completes, a welcome screen will appear. Click next.


  • Choose whether or not to send information to improve Office, then read and Accept the License Agreement.


  • You will then be asked to sign in. Click Sign In.


  • Enter your UNB Login ID including the (ex., Do NOT enter your UNB email address ( Click Next.


  • On the next page select Organizational Account.


  • Now enter your UNB password and click Sign in.


  • After another window will appear with information about OneDrive (previously SkyDrive), click Next.


  • Select how you would like Office to look then click Next.


  • Click Take a look to see more information about Office or No, thanks.


  • The installation will now complete. Make sure you do not disconnect from the internet.


  • Once the installation is complete, click All done!


Mac OS X

  • Run (double-click) the install file from the previous instructions.


  • The Office for Mac 2011 installer will run, follow the instructions given. Click Continue to begin.


  • When the installation finishes, click Close.


  • A new window will appear. Click Sign in to an existing Office 365 subscription.


  • Enter your UNB Login ID including the (ex., Do NOT enter your UNB email address ( Click Next.


  • On the next page select Organizational Account.


  • You will now need to activate your copy of Office - enter your UNB password and click Sign in.


  • Office will now offer to personalize your experience. Click Continue through the next two screens.
  • Office for Mac will now be ready to use. Click Done.