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Use this page to connect your Windows phone to the UNB wireless network. These instructions will work with phones running either Windows Phone 7 (WP7) or Windows Phone 8 (WP8).


  • From your start screen, swipe to the left form the right edge to open your apps.
  • Select Settings.
  • In System Settings, select Wi-Fi.

Wp1.png Wp2.png

  • Make sure Wi-Fi networking is turned on.
  • Select myUNB WiFi from the list of networks.


  • Enter your UNB Login ID and UNB Password.
  • Make sure Validate server certificate is turned off.


  • If you see a connection warning appear, select yes to continue.


You should now be connected to the UNB wireless network.

Preferred Network

WP7/8 devices attempt to connect to available networks in alphabetical order. To ensure myUNB WiFi is the strongest network in range while on-campus, remove eduroam, guestUNB WiFi and Setup-myUNB WiFi from the list of available networks:

  • Go to Settings and then Wi-Fi.
  • For each network you wish to forget, long-press (press and hold until a menu appears) the name of the network and select delete.
  • If no menu appears when you long-press, that network is not being remembered.