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UNB provides copies of the Minitab software for eligible students needing it for their coursework. If your professor has instructed you to download the program, please follow these steps.

Before Installation

In order to download Minitab, your student account must first be authorized.

Download, complete, and print out the [License Agreement Form] and bring it in to the Information Desk at the Hans W Klohn Commons with your valid UNB Student ID.

Alternately, you can obtain a copy of this form at the Commons.

Your account will be authorized at the Information Desk and you will be given a URL to download Minitab.

Downloading and Installing

If you have your laptop with you, staff at the Information Desk will be happy to download and install Minitab with you.

If you are installing on a desktop computer or do not have your machine on campus, go to the URL you were given [] and log in when prompted.

You can now download the Minitab software. It is enclosed in a .zip archive, so please remember to extract the installation files before you run the installer.

If you have Minitab installed from a previous course and only need to re-authorize, download the license file instead.

Authorizing the Mac Version

If you've installed Minitab Express for Mac, you will need to apply the license file the first time you launch the program. This license file is in the .zip folder along with the installer.