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guestUNB WiFi

The guestUNB WiFi network has been created to allow for guests of the university to access the wireless service. This access method uses WPA2-PSK for encryption and authentication.

Guest Registration

UNB faculty and staff can create wireless login accounts for their visitors. The guest then uses the account given to them to connect to the wireless network called guestUNB WiFi. Guest accounts can be created by clicking here.

If you are visiting the Saint John campus and do not have a WiFi sponsor, please come to the front desk at the Hans W Klohn Commons with a form of government ID to have a guest username and password created for you.

Connection Instructions

  • Select guestUNB WiFi from the list of networks.


  • You will be prompted for a password. Type in the word wireless.


  • Open a web browser. If you have a homepage, you will be automatically redirected to a log in page. If you do not have a homepage set, you must attempt to open any webpage.
  • You may now see a security warning. Depending on your browser, click continue or its equivalent.


  • At the log in page, enter your pre-generated username and password and wait for the process to complete.



If you are a visiting student from another university, you may be able to use the eduroam network. Check the eduroam webpage to see if your institution is a member of this program.

Connection Instructions

  • Select eduroam from the list of wireless network on campus.
  • Enter your home institution's credentials (username and password). This usually, but not always, means you must include the domain of your institution (i.e.

Support for eduroam

Visitors wishing to connect to eduroam must acquire support from their home institution only. The host institution you are visiting is not able to provide eduroam support to visiting guests as it is based on your home institution's setup.