Email Setup: Android

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Use this page to connect your UNB email to your Android device. These instructions will work with tablets and phones running Android 4.0 and newer.


NOTE: Different versions of Android and different device manufacturers may vary slightly in the wording of options.

  • Open your Settings app - found in the application drawer by default or in the pull-down menu.
  • Under Accounts (may also be called Accounts & Sync), select Add account.


  • Create a new Exchange account (if you do not have that option, choose Corporate).


  • Enter your UNB email address (your and password and then select manual setup if available or next if it is not.


  • Use the following information to set up the account:

  • Username:
  • Password: Your UNB password
  • Server:
  • Domain:
  • SSL: Yes, check off This server requires an encryption SSL connection
  • Email address:

NOTE: Depending on your device, you may see this field instead of a simple domain field:

  • domain\username:\

  • Leave client certificate blank and do not change the port number (if you see these fields).
  • Tap Next to finish.
  • You may now see a security warning if you device does not have administration turned on.


  • Tap OK on the warning and then agree to allowing UNB Mail to be a device administrator. This means that you will be able to remote lock and wipe your device from your UNB email inbox (under mobile phones in options). You must agree to this to have UNB Exchange email on your device.