Cannot Send or Reply to Email

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The send button is not shown when replying to or composing email in the Office 365 OWA.

Make your browser full screen or zoom out to see the entire window.

Unfortunately, this problem is not limited to UNB. Microsoft is aware of the issue and you can monitor the main thread for the problem here. As of 25/11/13, patches have been released to address this issue and most compatible browsers should no longer be experiencing this.

The browser is not correctly rendering the Outlook toolbar. If you cannot see it, make your browser full screen:

  • On a Mac, press command, shift, and F
  • In Windows, press F11

If your browser does not support full screen, zoom out instead:

  • On a Mac, press command and -
  • In Windows, press control and -

NOTE: If you are using Safari on a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or earlier, you will continue to see this problem. Please use more updated browser (Firefox or Chrome).