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The Hans W. Klohn Commons has 9 study rooms available for study groups with seating capacites ranging from 4 to 8 people. Each room comes equipped with a whiteboard and 46-inch HDTV. Whiteboard markers and laptop hook-ups are available at the Information Desk.

  • Rooms are available for periods of up to two hours per day per student.
  • Rooms are forfeited if the room is not claimed within 15 minutes of the booked start time.
  • Bookings are limited to no more than 1 advance booking per day and may not be made more than 1 month in advance.
  • The person making the booking will receive an email confirmation listing details.

Booking the Room

HWK Commons Group Study Rooms can be booked online from [].

Click the Log in button at the top of the page to log in.

Choose the day on which you would like to book from the calendar and then select your time and room. Times with white squares are available - black squares are booked.

You will have to give your booking a name and make it either private or public -- public bookings will let your groupmates see the name of your booking on the day's calendar, making it easier for them to find it.

Finding the Room

The HWK Commons Group Study Rooms are arranged on two levels of the Commons. Look at the number of the room you have booked. If it starts with a 1, the room will be located on the main level in the north end of the Commons. If it starts with a 2, the room will be on the second floor at the south end.

For example: 1-28 Knox Family Study Room is located on the main level in the north end.

All study rooms are also named prominently above their doors and are numbered on a plaque by the door.


If you cannot log in to the study room booking system, please verify that you have IT access by logging in to your [Portal].

If you can log in to your Portal but not the booking system, please stop in at the HWK Commons Information Desk for account troubleshooting.