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Before you can register for classes, access the UNB wifi, or receive email, you must claim and activate your IT account. Follow this guide to claim your account and log in for the first time.

You must do this on a personal machine from home or on one of the console computers on campus. You will not be able to log in to lab computers until your account is activated.

If you have any issues activating your account, please do not hesitate to drop by the Information Desks in the HWK Commons with your letter of acceptance — staff would be happy to help you activate in person.


Step 1 – (myUNB)
Open your browser and go to [].

Step 2 – (First Time Login)
Click on Activate your UNB IT Services.


Step 3 – (Identification)
Fill out the next form. You can find your student number and login ID on your acceptance letter or your student ID card. If you cannot get past this page, please visit the Information Desks in the Commons with proof of identification.

Please note that your username does not include and should have no capitals.


Step 4 – (Policy)
Read and agree to the Acceptable Use of Information & Communication Technologies Policy.

Step 5 – (Password)
Create a password for your account. UNB passwords must:

  • Be at least 10 characters long
  • Contain at least one uppercase letter
  • Contain at least one lowercase letter
  • Contain at least one number
  • Contain at least one special character
  • Must not include your name
  • Must not include your login ID
  • Must not be a password you have used at UNB before


Step 6 – (Challenge Questions)
Set your challenge questions. If you ever forget your password, you will be asked these questions in order to create a new one – please choose questions to which you will remember the answers! If you do not like any of the pre-made questions, select the last option in the dropdown menu to write your own challenge question.


Step 7 – (Website)
Optional: Add a website to your phonebook entry.


Step 8 – (Privacy Options)
These options are defaulted to privacy.

Phonebook entry: Leave this box checked if you DO NOT want your name and email (and website, if applicable) to be displayed in the UNB phonebook.

Photo: Leave this box checked if you DO NOT want your professors to be able to view the photo on your student ID.

You can change these at any time in your eServices.

Step 9 – (Display Name)
Your display name is used by various UNB IT systems, including email where it is shown in the "from" field when you send a message. Your current display name is shown below, and you may change it now if you wish. Only changes to the first (given) names are permitted through this interface.

Please note that this does NOT change your legal name. For legal name changes, you must contact the appropriate department (Registrar's Office for students, Human Resources for faculty/staff, or the Alumni office for alumni).

Step 10 – (Email Address)
Your UNB email address will always be your You can, however, set up another address on this page. If you do not edit the field, it should default to Mail sent to this address will go to the SAME inbox as


Step 11 — (Activate)
Click the activate button on the new page. Wait 1-5 minutes for the process to complete. Once completed, it may take up to 15 minutes for your email to sync.

Step 12 – (Verify)
Go back to [] and log in with your new password. If you still cannot log in, make sure you DO NOT have at the end of your username.